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Highest Standards

All the products in the Miss Coiffure range are made and designed by an Australian compounding pharmacist, to the highest pharmaceutical grade. Only the finest Ingredients are used that will allow your skin heal from the from the ground up!

Finest Ingredients

Miss Coiffure Skin Care is made from the finest natural ingredients with NO harmful toxins.

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Best Absorption

Miss Coiffure Skin Care is absorbed to the deepest dermal layers, due to it’s high standards in compounding and fine ingredients, allowing your skin to heal from the ground up.

All the products in the Miss Coiffure range are made and designed by an Australian compounding pharmacist to the highest pharmaceutical grade. There are different grades of ingredients; pharmaceutical, cosmetic & food. At Miss Coiffure we use the same pharmaceutical grade raw ingredients for medicine as we do cosmetics, making them exceptionally high quality formulations with potent active ingredients. We only source from reputable suppliers with high standards of quality control, ensuring every product you use is the purest, most potent and highest quality possible.

But if doesn’t stop there. We package all our products in airtight and light-tight jars and bottles, so that they won’t degrade over time as you use it.

This means that our products maintain their potency, ability and freshness from the moment you open them until your last pump. The use of these pharmaceutical grade ingredients, packaging standards and high quality processes help ensure our cosmetic formulations are Chirally correct.

This means our products only contain the sides of the molecule with the ability to give the desired results. This has a two-fold effect; by only using the side of the molecule that is effective we greatly increase the absorption of the product; and by eliminating the ‘ineffective’ side there is less chance of any adverse reactions for people with sensitive skin.

Our Products

Body Lotion

The Miss Coiffure Body Lotion contains vitamin C and glycolic acid, enabling a gentle shedding of the surface skin layers whilst stimulating collagen and elastin growth to repair dermal layers of the skin.

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The Miss Coiffure Cleanser is a pure, nutrient-dense vitamin C cleanser. Vitamin C has gentle and restorative peeling properties which can encourage natural shedding of dead skin cells and oil accumulated throughout the day.

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Day Crème

The Miss Coiffure Day Creme contains nourishing natural ingredients including vitamin C, avocado extract and macadamia extract. The Day Crème offers all day protection from harmful toxins, pollutants and UV rays.

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The Miss Coiffure Exfoliant is a chemical exfoliant containing high quality natural ingredients including Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids: Glycolic, Salicylic and Lactic Acids. Using these active ingredients a very mild chemical peel can be achieved after only 5 minutes.

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Night Crème

The Miss Coiffure Night Crème is specifically formulated to repair and replenish the skin after a day’s exposure to harsh environmental factors. To enhance restoration of your skins health, the Night Creme contains a higher concentration of vitamin C.

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Stretch Mark Crème

The Miss Coiffure Stretch Mark Crème creates an ideal environment for scars and stretch marks to heal. Silicone has been shown to form the perfect balance between oxygen and moisture to provide this optimal healing environment.

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Super Hydrating Anti-Wrinkle Eye Crème

The Miss Coiffure Eye Crème also contains vitamin C and vitamin B3, however the key addition is hyaluronic acid (HA) which is naturally occurring within the body.

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Time Defy Facial Serum

The Miss Coiffure Time Defy Facial Serum is formulated to keep the skin moist and supple. Niacinamide, Retinol and CoQ10 combine to create a high potency restorative serum. Niacinamide communicates with cells and increases ceramide levels within the skin to dramatically enhance barrier function.

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Vitamin C Serum

The Miss Coiffure Vitamin C Serum boasts a massive 25% Vitamin C, which is the highest you’ll see on the market! Vitamin C loses its integrity if more than 25% is used within a serum, therefore we have the highest concentration available to preserve its incredible antioxidant healing properties.

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