MissCoiffure Anti Wrinkle Peptide Crème 15ml


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Purpose: Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and strengthen and smooth skin

Active Ingredients: Snap-8 Peptide, Matrixyl, Dermaxyl

Recommended Use: Apply delicately around the eye area morning and night.

Features & Benefits: The MissCoiffure Anti-Wrinkle Peptide Crème is a cutting edge fusion of natural skin conditioners, anti-oxidants, and the new generation of peptides called matrikines.

Matrikines are messenger peptides that regulate cell activities and activate the genes involved in the process of extracellular matrix renewal and cell proliferation – mechanisms which usually become weaker as we age. The skin dermis is made primarily of extracellular matrix, and the decrease in the proteins and polysaccharides that constitute this matrix is responsible for a lot of the decrease in skin thickness that occurs as we age.

When skin is wrinkled, tiny cells called fibroblasts help to repair the damaged area by forming new tissue. Part of their job is to produce new collagen, which is an essential component of connective tissue. As we age the ability of these fibroblasts to create more collagen decreases, and as this happens our skin dries out and wrinkles.

The MissCoiffure Anti-Wrinkle Peptide Crème attracts and stimulates fibroblast molecules in the skin, enabling them to significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles. This customized formulation of matrikines communicates with the fibroblasts, making them think the skin is damaged so that the fibroblasts will produce collagen and other macromolecules to heal the damaged skin.

In addition to this cutting edge formulation, anti-oxidants such as Vitamin A, C and E work in synergy to reduce harmful free radicals that contribute to the destruction of collagen and other supporting macromolecules. Natural skin conditioners such as Grapeseed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Shea Butter and Cylindrical Imperata root help care for this delicate area.